You don’t know how you got here. You may have turned a corner, or opened a door, or even blinked, and simply arrived. Perhaps you fell asleep, and then woke on one of the comfortable white couches that litter the room you’re in.

Either way, you’re here now, in a big white room with only one door - and when you open the door, it leads not back to where you were, but to a hallway, with many other doors, each leading to strange rooms. At the end of the hallway is a staircase, leading up to more rooms – bedrooms, each of which has a name plaque with a name on it.

Find the one with your name and explore your room? Open one of the doors that lead to strange, impossible rooms? Sit in the arriving room, and chat with other versions of yourself?

Whatever you choose to do, it’s up to you – welcome to the dressing room.